08 November, 2011

Pumpkin bread and quilt guild

I made pumpkin bread from a recipe I found online to take to quilt guild tonight. It got good reviews, four different people came up and said that it was very nice. I was glad, because I didn't even taste it and was hoping it was good.

Find the recipe here on The Fresh Loaf. From the comments I got and my own observations, this is a lighter recipe than some I have made. Still nice and moist, but not as brick-like and solid as some recipes make up, and it smelled wonderful as it cooled in the car on the way to guild meeting.

Our speaker tonight had some of the most beautiful quilts that she designed herself. Her delivery was somewhat unpolished, but her quilts were lovely. Her name is Cindi Simms, and her talk was called From Appalachian Tradition to Art Quilt. It was the story of how she learned to do traditional quilting from her grandmother out in Western Maryland, and through the years, as she traveled around the globe with an Army husband, she branched out into designing blocks, quilts, etc.
A little follow up on my hissy fit yesterday: if you google "I hate Target" or "Target sucks" you will find some interesting websites by people who are even angrier than I was!

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