20 November, 2011

Much cuter than thou

We had lunch today with friends, and spent a couple of hours in Barnes & Noble. I thought I might treat myself to a book, but could only find one thing I was interested in, and it was in hardback. I'll get that from the library.

Once again, I was distressed by the lack of quality fantasy. Gah, it was all zombies and vampires. I finally abandoned the idea of finding something there and spent some time in Fiction and Literature.

Just finished Marisa de los Santos' latest, Falling Together. I enjoyed it as I was reading it, she does write nicely. But the more I think about it, and how lurve is the answer to everything in all of her books, I began to feel cranky. I feel like the Grinch, with a heart that is three sizes too small, but the folks in de los Santos' books are always uber-attractive, full of intelligence and sparkling wit, and in the kind of lurve that (as far as I can tell) only shows up in books. The kind of love that launches a thousand ships but doesn't have to do laundry, deal with a sick spouse, or work at a boring daily job.

This book also features a closer-than-close friendship between Will, Cat, and Pen. Theirs is a college friendship that leaves them no room for any other friends, a sort of all encompassing Us-Against-Them threesome, which is self-consciously cutesy and self-congratulatory. Can not recommend this one.

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