04 November, 2011

Twinkle, twinkle little bat, how I wonder where you're at

I've brought a bunch of junk valuable items out of my house to sell at a flea market tomorrow. My friend Toni gave me some things valuable items to sell.

I hope I sell it all and make a hundred dollars $50 bucks some money. I will be giving some of what I make to the Cocker Spaniel Adoption Center. I will probably spend the rest on a candy bar for myself.

Just getting this stuff out of the house is a big step for me. I want to take pictures of the basement, but the digital camera died. I am getting a new one for Christmas, and I asked Thomas to buy it as soon as he finds a deal. I need to take pictures.

The flea market I am going to is down in the Maryland burbs around DC, in a park and ride parking lot. We have to be there before 6 am to get a good spot. Christine will make sure that happens, she is a strict taskmaster. Once we are set up though, it's fun. The people watching down there is the bomb, I mean it. People from all over come looking for bargains, and people are selling everything from used books to lawn mowers to baby clothes, to fake couture.

Inevitably a small Asian lady will offer me twenty-five cents for something marked fifty cents. I will probably give in, those tiny women are scary. Everybody wants a bargain at the flea market. As Christine says, if you want to sell something for close to what you paid for it, you shouldn't try selling at the flea market, it's the place for bargain basement prices.

After I get back to B'more tomorrow I have to quickquick get ready for a nice evening out. We are going out with our friends for a party at kind of a swanky place. Lots to look forward to this weekend!

Also...so NO ONE wanted to comment on my bat story? I really liked that story, helping a Bat in need was very rewarding!

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  1. We resent bats because we've been inundated with vampire stories.... Where is your 'jealous' button? I want to click it!!!!!!!!!