02 November, 2011

Wednesday, Thursday, ain't no sign, Drank a half a bottle of iodine.

It seems that during one of my forays into tweaking this blog, I had set it so that you had to have some kind of account to comment. I've changed that so that anyone can comment, even anonymously, if they want.

Racking my brain for anything interesting to write about and I. Got. Nothing. It's been a quiet week here in Lake Wobegon, my hometown. Work is dull, I am dull, Thomas is hard-working, but dull. We is all dull.

I did visit the library on Monday night and got another one of Miriam's recommendations. Recently, our branch has been having lots of Staff Recommendations displayed all around the library. Miriam, whoever she is, has recommended some very good books, I think three of my recent reads were her suggestions. Miriam and I roll the same way.

We had our theoretical Weekly Staff Meeting today. Theoretically, we are supposed to do it every week. It happens perhaps 40% of the time as the bigwigs get pulled into other things. Today I entered the meeting with a smile on my face and a song in my heart. An hour later I staggered out with the worst headache and a mouth full of blood* From Biting My Lips to keep from telling some of my cow-irkers to shove it where the sun don't shine. Ugh. Without going into tedious details, this project is just The Crazy sometimes.

I spent the rest of the afternoon recovering from that meeting. I used some of my grumpitude to fuel 30 minutes of cleaning and organizing down in the basement. Things are starting to come together down there!

*Just to be clear, there was no blood. I was Exaggerating for Effect.

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  1. I want to know more about the basement. I need the HGTV portion of your life...