10 November, 2011

Planning in the rain

Two nights of disturbed sleep and the weather turning particularly nasty and my energy level has bottomed out at "glum". Today it was hard to keep my eyes open at work. Then the rain started and I feel like I want to crawl under the covers and stay there for a few months.

Thomas and I were discussing at dinner tonight that Thanksgiving is upon us and then two or three days after that it's time for Christmas. Guess who hasn't bought a single present? I do know what my big present is going to be - half of a standby generator with an automatic transfer switch. I can hardly say how excited I am! While it isn't jewelry, it will do more to make my life comfortable when the power - inevitably - goes out.

I am also going to get myself a teeny tiny digital camera.

I think everyone else is getting socks. Or soap on a rope.


  1. I'm not sleeping either but it's because of allergies and cold... The generator is a wonderful idea and my secret dream...

  2. I want socks. "You can never have too many socks". - Albus Dumbledore

    I agree on the generator.

  3. Toni and I are both very excited about your generator. Apparently your friends are a lot like you...

  4. I know! Generators! It's hot stuff.