02 November, 2011

I take all that back about me being dull

I thought of one very interesting and delightful thing that happened today. I went to lunch with two colleagues, Ratna and Greg. We went to the local Indian buffet restaurant. As we walked up to the entrance I noticed movement on the ground.

It was small, smaller than the palm of my hand. It was sort of a honey brown color, and it had a snubby little face, and it was twisting and thrashing around on its back. It was a very small bat. We watched it for a minute, and said insightful things like, "It's a bat!" and "It can't get up!"

I could not leave it there because I was sure someone would, by accident or design, step on it and kill it. I also was not eager to touch it, so I was in somewhat of a pickle. Greg handed me the restaurant's mail, which was sitting in the mailbox. I extracted an advertising card, bent down, and gently as I was able, started working it underneath him. After just a few seconds I had the card almost under him, and he (I don't know why I think he was a male, but that was how I think of him) flipped over, spread his startlingly large wings, and flew away. He circled a few times around the parking lot and disappeared.

So today was not completely dull. I was able to offer a little help where it was needed to one of my fellow creatures. Without actually having to touch him!!!!!

A drawing of a bat that looked very similar to my bat. But the color of this one is too gray. Mine was a soft, warm brown color.

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