14 November, 2011

Something 'bout the clouds and you mix

I did two more home visits tonight, for two homes that would be wonderful places for any of our dogs to wind up.

These home visits were up in Perry Hall, about 40 minutes from Pikesville, so I had a long drive home. The radio kept me company on the drive. I realized though, that I've heard the Slade song cum on feel the noize three times in the last three days on Jack FM. Really, you have a record library of everything recorded since nineteen sixty something, and you keep repeating cum on feel the noize? What in the heck is up with that? Some programmer is probably having a good time slotting that in repeatedly, wondering if anyone notices.

Then they played Raspberry Beret by his Purple Wonderfullness, Prince, and I had a good singalong with that. When I am tired and feeling a bit down, hearing a song like that on the radio cheers me right up. It sort of takes me back to the late 80s when I was a bit more unencumbered and carefree.

I sent Thomas a list of stuff to buy me from iTunes. I want:
the album Raising Hell by Run-DMC
I Like Big Butts by Sir MixALot
a cast recording of Guys and Dolls
Midnight Blue by Lou Gramm

I must add some Prince! Also some Marvin Gaye. Maybe a little Beatles?

(but probably not cum on feel the noize)

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