14 October, 2011

The sound of silence

Thomas left a while ago to take the German parental unit to the airport. I leashed up Ginger and she and I went on a girls only walk. She will miss Rose very much; every day Rose took her on a LONG walk in the early afternoon. Add that to her regular walks, and she was getting about three hours outdoors every day and lots of quality exercise.

After our evening walk I came home to a quiet house. It is wonderful! Just knowing that I am the only one here, and that I can make all the noise I want to or do whatever crazy thing I want...priceless, as the commercial says. I haven't done anything even slightly crazy, just poured myself a glass of pinot grigio. I'm basking in the silence.

Tomorrow we go to a wedding and then are having dinner with Sarah and her new-ish husband, BJ. He's really not all that new any more, they got married about this time last year! He's new to me though, I only met him at the wedding.

Have a good weekend. Other than this wedding, and a home visit for CSAC on Sunday, my plans include doing a whole lot of NOTHING.

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