30 October, 2011

It's all I have to bring today – This, and my heart beside

Lawks. We are just about to run out of October. Tuesday we will find ourselves in the penultimate month of the year. I adore the word penultimate, having one beautiful word that means "next to last" makes me unreasonably happy.

But, back to November, that penultimate month. It starts Tuesday, and as soon as stores clear away the Halloween candy and costumes, they will decorate and stock up for both Thanksgiving and Christmas at once. The last two months of the year are an amalgamation of harvest colors and a red, white, and blue Christmas. Cookies must be baked. Turkeys must be roasted. Lists of exciting things that happened in 2011 will be made. By December, before we've even put UP the tree we'll be worrying about what our resolutions for 2012 should be.

I looked back at my first blog post of 2011 and noticed that I was doing well on my goals for the year. I have read at least one non-fiction book for each month. I believe I've read twelve books of non-fiction, so I'm ahead of the game.

I've done the volunteering for CSAC that I wanted to do. Mostly, I've done home visits. I go meet people and make sure their houses are dog safe. I also think the point of the home visit is to make sure that we are not adopting dogs to Cruella deVille...someone who wants to adopt a dog for nefarious purposes. I've also done a couple of adoption shows, although not recently.

I've done only one ATC swap, so I think today I will find another one to sign up for. It will give me an excuse to get out my art supplies and have some fun.

I never feel like my life is enough. Not interesting enough, full enough, exciting enough. I can't think what I would or should do to make it more something. It seems like I could figure out what would make me feel like enough, but so far I haven't managed to. I am not unhappy, just aware that I often feel vaguely dissatisfied and aching for something else. If I ever manage to figure out what that something else is, I will let you know.

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