25 October, 2011

It doesn't have raw fish in it, does it?

I went to a Big Chain bookstore a couple of weekends ago while my in-laws were still in town and had a frustrating hour looking for somebook, ANYbook, in the sci-fi/fantasy section that would appeal to me. It was awful. I don't read hardcore sci-fi, and the state of fantasy on the shelves at Big Chain was appalling. About 75% of the books are about my triumvirate of personal dislikes: vampires, werewolves, or zombies. Of the 25% left over, a large number seemed to be about mermainds and fae. Mermaids are probably going to go on my list of Things That Cause Books to Bite a Big Weenie. It is a long list that is only getting longer as I grow more crabby with age.

I struck it lucky at the library yesterday and found a novel that I enjoyed very much, Patricia Wrede's Across the Great Barrier. It is a sequel to a book I have not (yet) read, Thirteenth Child. Patricia Wrede is one half of the team of writers who wrote my very favorite fantasy/Regency Romance/mystery Sorcery and Cecilia and the author of the enjoyable Mairelon the Magician. I highly recommend her. I had no idea until I came across this book yesterday that she had a new series out.

How do you find good new books? Do you get personal recommendations? Haunt the library and bookstores and pick up everything on the shelves? Are there websites you check out? I really want to know. I did an Amazon search for new fantasy releases and there are many many many many many books listed, but most of them seem to be about: sexy vampires, sexy werewolves/shapechangers, and sexy (???) zombies. And now, sexy half-human, half future sushi people. AAaaaaagh.

Anyway, I am interested in knowing how you find good books if you feel like sharing.

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