10 October, 2011

Columbus sailed the ocean blue

Today the Germans all boarded the early morning bus for Atlantic City. That means that since I got home from work today I have had hours of uninterrupted ALONE time. Can I get a witness for how awesome it is to have your home to yourself?!

Considering the uncanny good luck my spousal unit and his mother have, they may come home with some money. Probably not (the house always wins!) but it's entertaining to imagine what we could do if they won a big jackpot. Permanent tattooed eyeliner? Hmmm.

I'm reading a nice new book from the library, Kingdom of Summer by Gillian Bradshaw. It's book two in a trilogy about Arthurian Britain. The first book, Hawk of May, was told from the point of the hawk himself, Gwalchmai, nephew of Arthur. Kingdom of Summer is narrated by Rhys ap Sion, Gwalchmai's servant. I really like these books, with one tiny, tiny little exception. Any time a book gets too specific about politics, I lose interest. When you get bogged down in who is allied to who and who is scheming against who, I start reading fast - one might say skimming - until I find some dialogue or action or something that moves the story forward. Fundamentally, I am a shallow, shallow person.

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  1. Well this puddle thinks those books sound interesting too. If you want action - Conn Iggulden!