03 October, 2011

Mo' non-fiction, mo' books

Just finished another non-fiction book called Tolstoy and the Purple Chair by Nina Sankovitch, a memoir. The author read one book a day for a year, and blogged about it Read All Day (http://www.readallday.org/about_365.html).

This book is about how she decided to start this project, how it went, and what she got out of it. Basically, unresolved grief over the death of her sister three years before left Ms. Sankovitch feeling fragmented and broken; she was living her life at triple time, trying to run away from her grief. She decided to use a year of reading as a way of slowing down to examine her life through literature, to remember her sister, and to knit together the two parts of her life: before Anne-Marie died, and after Anne-Marie's death.

I never heard of the project before, and enjoyed the book. I'll be spending some time on the blog, Read All Day, to read her in-depth reviews. This book is obviously a condensation of that year.

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  1. I'm sorry, did she give up working, bathing and eating too? Where does one find that kind of time ?????