30 September, 2012

To all the boys I loved before...a long time before

Another boy I loved when I was in junior high. Looking at him now, I can't figure out why we were all crazy about him. He looks kinda...soft. Girly. Non-threatening. Well, that explains a lot!


I'd also like to point out that, yes, I owned the album.

Then there was this guy who I was deeply, meaningfully crushing on:


To be honest, this was one where I was way more in love with Luke Skywalker than I was with Mark Hamill. I was at the age where I saw movies multiple times, and the fictional world of Star Wars was as important and real to me as anything that was happening in my own boring life.

I had a thing for fantasy, so these guys were also on my list of Hot Star Fighter Pilots I Loved:

Dirk Benedict:


Richard Hatch:

Gil Gerard:


Excuse me while I go off in the corner and have a fit of the giggles over Gil and those awesome skintight gold pants!

Then there were the cop shows that I loved, and the cops that I loved too!


More later. By the 80s I was starting to develop odd crushes on unsuitably older (!) men who were not at all obvious objects of affection. Here's a preview:

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  1. Those gold pants are awesome! And I was deeply in love with Face as well. But my baby sister adored BA Baracus!