18 September, 2012

All the boys I've lurved before...

When I was a little girl in SC with a rad pink record player I played the records of The Osmonds. I loved Donny.

That pretty much goes without saying. All the girls loved Donny. Heck, for all I know, all the boys loved Donny as well, I shall have to check with The Gays to see if they too had a deep love and longing for the Sweetest Osmond.

Then there was David, I lurved him.

At the age when I loved David, I didn't have any real idea of what sexy meant, but in my naive, unformed, podlike way, I knew that David Cassidy was sexy.

A bit later, when I was getting a better idea what sexy was... I liked this a LOT.

"Adam-12, Adam-12, Randolph Mantooth makes me feel all giddy and tingly in ways I feel difficult to explain!"

More to come!

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