26 September, 2012

Oh Tuesday, you did not do me well

I finished another quilt top today and am sending it off tomorrow. After this I can get started on the bed quilt I am going to make for my parent's new bedroom.

My foot is still not healed, even after my third shot on Tuesday. The same Tuesday on which I was also rear-ended as I sat waiting for the woman in front of me to start going at the green light. She did not go and did not go, and I waited, and then blammo, I was rear-ended. Totally not my fault (I was stationary at the time I was struck) but I am still in the middle of having to call the insurance companies and arrange car repairs, etc.

It was one of those days when I shoulda stayed in bed!


  1. Bad tuesday! Bad, bad tuesday! I want to see the quilts you're working on. I'm getting the yen to sew some scrappy blocks... Maybe we should Skype?

  2. Sorry about all that!I hope today is better.

  3. As accidents go, it was not the worst, the back of the car was a bit bent and scratched and needs to be repaired.

    What really took a hit was my mood. I was a little bit crabby up to the moment Margaret Cho stepped out on stage at the Ram's Head.

    The show was hilarious.