08 September, 2012

The music of the falling rain

I walked the dogs in the mist and the rain today. It has been very rainy lately. As I walked I thought about how some places have so much rain it's dangerous and others are desert dry and gasping for any rain at all.

It made me think of how when I was a little girl I always wished I could "send" rain to Texas. My Grandpappy and Uncle Mike farmed in the Texas panhandle...and the constant  refrain was how dry it was and how badly they needed rain. And in SC we had lots and lots of it. In my way of thinking, that wasn't fair - why did God give us all the rain we needed, but my Grandpappy was going to lose a crop if he didn't get some rain? Frankly, I don't know that I have moved on that much, it still doesn't seem fair to me.

I  weeded for a very short time this morning, and good grief, I have a bunch of dog stinkhorn fungus growing out of the mulch in the back. It is REVOLTING. Have you ever seen it? Here's a photo:

The brown stuff on the tip is sticky and slimy looking and according to the innernetz, it smells like rotting meat to the flies it attracts. Ugh and double ugh! With all the rain we have had lately, there are all sorts of fungi growing everywhere, and the grass is growing like crazy and the weeds are flourishing.


  1. It's like the Day of the Triffids in your back yard...

  2. I had to look it up yesterday and I read in french they are called "phallus de chien". I have never seen them - gross.