04 December, 2011

Shock and Awe tactics at church coffee hour

This week included some of my favorite things. Friday included all this stuff:

Put these together and it can only mean one thing! I'm getting together with Jim to for a baking day.
We started at about 3 pm on Friday and finished up at 9:30. In between we baked

shortbread with chocolate dip
eggnog shortbread with rum glaze
orange cranberry shortbread
Russian tea cakes
Brown sugar cupcakes with almond and caramel topping
a gazillion sugar cookies
a gingerbread bundt cake

What fun we had. In the middle, Andy came home from work, Thomas came over, and we all had dinner together.

Saturday I walked over much of DC with my friend/college roommate, Amanda, and her mother, Nancy. We went to Eastern Market and then walked around the capitol, the mall, etc. We had fun, but I just 'bout wore the soles off my feet. I was sound asleep at 9pm last night, tired out from all that walking.

Amanda in her festive orange coat (Go Clemson!) in front of the Supreme Court.
Today, here is what we did after church:

(L to R) Still covered in wrap is an Orange-Chocolate Chip Loaf, Sugar Cookies at the top, then a Presbyterian Three-Way, three kinds of shortbread.

One of my favorites: Pistachio Cranberry cookies, with demerara sugar on the edges. Easy and delicious!

Sugar cookies, glazed and sprinkled. All blue and white in keeping with the Advent theme.

Getting set up. We added some store-bought cookies and goldfish crackers because some of the kids won't eat homemade cookies. That's fine. What kills me is the ADULTS who prefer "store-boughten" as we used to say.

Setting up the table. Cake still unsliced.

All ready to go. It was a huge success.


  1. Yum! Do you use blue for advent? We use purple. Doesn't it irritate you that you have to have shop cookies? I feel like if people don't see a cookie they like then, shockingly - they have to do without a cookie. You are much nicer than me. I would drive all the parishioners out of your church in a matter of days...

  2. Aggravatingly, they do use blue. When I grew up, it was purple, and that is what I like. Now, for some reason, our church uses blue. They probably have some reasonably "historical" reason for it, but I say if purple was good enough for Advent in 1970s South Carolina, it's good enough for us today!
    It does sort of aggravate me about the cookies. Most of the children love our sugar cookies, and one tiny little boy ate two enormous pieces of gingerbread cake (and probably went home high as a kite from all the sugar). But somehow it has become the rule that there must be some bought cookies. Ppth.

  3. The blue is being used in some churches to distinguish Christmas from Easter. Or maybe to coordinate with Channukah? Either way, we do it the way we've always done it. We like purple in church. And green. Really, us Catholics are quite colour forward... ;)
    PS - Send me cookies! Or recipes.