14 December, 2011

Beauty, thy name is Dru

This is Dru, whose outside looks like sweetness and light. He's blind, has a stage five heart murmur, but he has the strength of ten, because his heart is pure...meanness.

Just call me...Bigfoot
Look at those ridiculous feet! When he got a haircut, he fought the groomers to hard when they try to clip his feet, that they gave up and asked us never to darken their door again! Yes, once again, a groomer has been defeated by the Force of Dru.

Sigh. We will get out our clippers and do his feet as best we can. We are just awful at it, and it looks like he was clipped by blind people with hedge trimmers, but at least it helps cut down on the Bigfoot look.

I am enjoying my new camera so much! It's fun to take pictures of these little things and share them. Please notice on the left of the picture, you can see my Italian Tiles strips pinned to my design board. I still have a couple of hours of sewing to get all the strips together. I hope to get it done by the end of the year.


  1. 1. What is a stage 5 heart murmur?
    2. He's not mean. He's just deaf and blind and doesn't know where people are coming from. I say that until the day he snaps at me and then I will label him devil spawn. Until then he's very, very, very good looking.
    3. I LOVE those blocks!!!!!

  2. 1. According to the vet, in dogs they grade murmurs from 1-5. His is bad (5), but with medications it's about a 3.
    2. I've pried his teeth out of my hand twice. He's very, very, very goodlooking, but he does have a flaw in his character.
    3. Thanks. I like them too.