02 December, 2011

Elm Creek Quilters make me crabby

Last night I read Jennifer Chiaverini's latest Elm Creek Quilters book, called The Wedding Quilt. Every time I read one of her books, I promise myself that this is the last one. I enjoyed the first one or two, but after that the writing style began to get on my nerves. Yet, stupidly, I continue to pick them up and read them very critically, complaining to myself the whole time.

I get grumpy about things like:

To be happy in her books, you must be in lurve and married. Even if your first marriage doesn't work out, the next one will. If you are not married, your life is missing something.

In this one, the main part of the book is set in 2028, when Sarah's kids are 25. She mentions things like how everyone uses computer pads and has battery powered autos. There is a one paragraph explanation that back in the twenty-teens the world was on the verge of collapse, but through some unspecified method, "stepped back from the brink." Really? REALLY?

In every book she has this little ramble about how women at quilt camp get to explore their creativity and celebrate the bonds of the feminine arts that bond them together blah de blah blah.

This time, and I mean it, NO MORE Elm Creek Quilters books. I wonder if it will be a moot point, because this one seems to wrap up all the story lines, and there is a strong feeling that this is the end.

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  1. I am going to read the "Aloha Quilt" for my Hawaii book, but I don't enjoy her books either. They got to repetitive.