05 December, 2011

One more non fiction special

I need to read one more non-fiction book to complete my year of reading at least one non-fiction book a month. I have to be honest, it's going to have to be either short, or funny. It would be best, perhaps, if it could be short and funny. Right now we are heading into the busy time, and I am self-aware enough to know that I am not going to finish some tome on the history of the House of Hapsburg or the mechanisms by which groups of animals organize themselves.

Just for you, my dear six readers, here is a link to John Green talking about everyone's favorite animal, the formidable honey badger, living their lives of total bad-assery. Watch it!!!! Here's the link. "Honey badgers, Hank, they are not kidding around!"

Here's another piece of non-fiction: I have had three quilts almost finished for the last month, but haven't quite been able to sit down and do them. I've been reading, watching movies, and spending whacked out amounts of time on line. But I am going to AT LEAST move each one a step closer to quiltdom by the end of this month if it is the last thing I do.

So, this month, quilts, (short) books, and most likely, Christmas cookies.

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