08 December, 2011

Apparently, simple repetitive tasks are one of my strengths

No luck on finding any non-fiction to read yet. Haven't put any time into it this week, I've been working on quilts and spending time with the dogs. Especially Jake, he doesn't have long for this world, so I want to make his last days/weeks/months nice ones.

I got the binding sewn on the Storm at Sea quilt, now all I have to do is blind stitch it to the back. It's not all that large, I can do this in a couple of days if I stick with it. Not to be a big ol' braggart, but doing the hand sewing on the binding is something that, unexpectedly, I am good at. Nice, neat, even stitches, and I make pretty good time on it.

Italian Tiles is one step closer, all the strips are made. I have to join them with some sashing and then I'm calling this one ready for the long arm quilter.

I haven't decorated for Christmas yet, I just can't work up any enthusiasm for it. I really need to deep clean first and thinking of that makes me feel resentful. So little time to myself that I hate to spend any of it cleaning. I need to buckle down and do it, because I know I will feel better when it is done. That is one thing where the destination, not the process, is the point.

At work today I made 25 orientation packages for our HR specialist, since we expect a large group of new hires on Monday. I made the packs in just over an hour, and when I showed up with them, she was shocked. Apparently it takes her a lot longer to do the same job. Most of the time was taken up waiting for our slow Xerox to crank out 25 copies of all the different forms. Maybe it's all the time I worked for printers/binderies, but I can do repetitive things like that quickly and accurately. It doesn't even bore me the way some things do. While I was putting them together, I spent a lot of time thinking about some books I've read lately. To me the best thing about simple jobs like that is that I can program the machine and then think, and then collate papers and think some more. And then time has passed and I have actually accomplished something that makes someone grateful.


  1. I commented on your last post, but somehow it didn't actually post. Read Tina Fey's book. It is a fast read and funny.

    Sorry about Jake.

  2. I love tasks like that too. Clearly defined and finishable! Clean your house while listening to an audiobook. Makes the work almost bearable...