07 January, 2011

Told you he was lucky

Today we did the holiday party. Right up until we got there I was dreading it, but once we got there, I recognized a few people to chat to. The food was good. As I said before, it was all quite tolerable.

Thomas won a digital camcorder. It was one of the last four or five prizes. At  no time in the evening was I in doubt he'd win something. I think he was kind of hoping for the grand prize of an iPad, but he's pleased with the camcorder.

All three dogs went to the groomer today. They are now clean and they smell so nice. It's made Dru so aggravated he's spent the entire afternoon/evening rubbing himself on the furniture, the walls, the carpet, trying to find some of his old stinky smell.

I do not know exactly what they did to Miss Ginger, but she looks so funny! Thomas called me at work and said, "WHAT did you tell them to do to Ginger?" You know, wash her and clip her nails. "She's fluffy," he says. And he's right, she is fluffy. It's like they blow dried her with her hair pointing in a thousand different directions. Every time we've looked at her we've gotten a smile.

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  1. Your holiday parties are what my Dad calls paper tigers... A camcorder is very cool!