20 January, 2011

Gambling as a career

Today someone I know casually told me she's going to quit her job in March to be a professional blackjack player. She's been practicing online and thinks it will all work out fine. People who know me well would have been so proud; I didn't ask her if she was having a nervous breakdown. I finally just said that she had to do what she wanted, but gambling wasn't my idea of a career with a huge future.

I know there are those who are professional card players, don't they have tournaments for things like Texas Holdem? Yes, I know they do, back when we had cable Thomas used to watch them sometimes. But I picture professional gamblers as men with steely gazes or hard-looking older women, not women my age with a ten-year old kid.

My idea of gambling is going through an amber light or taking 15 items through the 10 Items or Less line while hoping no one will call me on it.

Just because I cannot imagine being a gambler, it seems to me a crazy decision, but maybe I am wrong. Maybe she's going to be successful and will make a living at blackjack. What do you think?

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  1. If you don't get cable soon so that you can exist in the real world, I am going to come up there and smack you. Love, your friend for life, AAF.