03 January, 2011

Is incense poisonous?

When I got back to my desk after lunch today, there were two odd little “things” sitting in front of my keyboard. Picture something like a slightly warped Hershey’s Kiss that has been rolled in cinnamon or cocoa powder.

“Ooh, someone brought me candy!” Before I popped one in my mouth, I took a little sniff, thank goodness. They were homemade incense cones, not chocolates. A few minutes later, I wandered down to thank the person who’d given them to me. I knew who it had to be, we have one person in the office who likes to experiment with interesting crafts and oddball recipes.

Turns out that I’m not the only person who thought they were candy. One guy even started chewing before realizing something was off! My slight hesitation gave me a win on this one, unlike the time I ate one of the dog biscuits Christine gave me. At first, I felt sorry for her, that the cookies she made me were so foul – obviously she didn’t realize how ghastly they were. Then I felt sorry for myself when Christine asked me how the dogs liked the treats she made for them.  I had eaten a dog treat – no wonder the dogs were so excited when I gave them the rest of “those horrible cookies”.

I went online today and ordered the book about Catharine Graham that my friend Amanda recommended. (Actually, I placed a hold on it at the library. I don't buy very many books anymore, unless they are Terry Pratchett or a used book.) I remember when it was published, the author was on Diane Rehm, Terry Gross, etc., and I thought it sounded like a good book. My mother's book club read it and I attended the meeting as a guest and listened to their discussion. I should note that my mother did not read it, she reads some, but rarely finishes the book club book. Sadly, if I was in a book club with my Mom, I'd be mad at her all the time for NOT FINISHING THE BOOK.

This coming Friday is Thomas' work party. Woo hoo, I'm whelmed at the prospect. Each year we show up, eat a tolerable dinner, Thomas wins some kind of drawing or prize*, I get bored, and we go home. It's not awful, but every year, without fail, I feel like I'd rather have a new filling than attend.

Still, it's one of those things you do because it's important to your partner, and I can paste on a smile, and make once-a-year chitchat. I will say that it would be much more fun if there was an open bar. A cash bar at this kind of event is the worst kind of work chintzitude. If you like your co-workers, a little booze makes things more convivial. If you don't like them, it makes them easier to tolerate in a social setting. If you don't know them, tying one on numbs you to the horror of hours spent in the company of strangers you don't want to get to know better.

*I mean it, we've gone to about 6 of these things where they have nice give-aways and drawings, and I think there was ONE year he didn't win something. One year we won the grand prize, a flat screen TV. We won $200 in Amazon gift cards one year and $100 worth of restaurant coupons. He inherits this luck from his Mum - I've played Yahtzee with both of them and they throw MULTIPLE Yahtzees per game. I'm more like that song from Hee-Haw, "If it weren't for bad luck, I'd have no luck at all..."


  1. I never win anything and here you are blogging about this party that you go to where you win something every single time! Shame on you Amanda! Send some of that luck to Charlotte please!
    More exclamation marks... ;)

  2. Ya gotta sing the whole song:

    Gloom, despair and agony on me
    Deep, dark depression; excessive misery
    If it weren't for back luck, I'd have no luck at all;
    Gloom, despair and agony on me!