26 January, 2011

Personal History by Katharine Graham

In a marathon of reading I powered through the last third of the book today. Yay me, I've rarely been so glad to finish a book. It was a hard slog. Not because there was anything wrong with the book I thought it was well written, and there were moments I found it gripping (Watergate!). I just lose patience with reading about someone's life when they never tell the juicy details. Kay Graham was very "fair" and even, but rarely said anything like, "I was furious, I made mistakes, I hated that person."

I've been trying to think of autobiographies I've thoroughly enjoyed. I liked the one that Craig Ferguson wrote last year, American on Purpose. I have The Autobiography of Mark Twain on order from the library. Mostly though, I find that they mostly are full of name dropping and "wasn't I smart when I did that?" attitudes.

Anyway, this book was interesting in spots, frustrating in spots. It was a good view on Washington from the 40s to the 90s.

I can't decide what to read next in my goal to read non-fiction. It's got to be something other than autobiography.


  1. Newton and the Counterfeiter!!! Fantastic!

  2. I spent the day in my jammies reading the trashy Fever series by Karen Marie Moning. No time travel.

  3. Or Bill Bryson. He's always good for a laugh!