24 January, 2011

Just another Mediocre Monday

The thing that I am finding difficult about blogging is that it's difficult to figure out if any of the thoughts I have about my day to day life are interesting at all. Because, sometimes people, I am not that interested in what I'm doing, and figuring out ways to spin it as Not Totally Boring, is haaaaaaard.

And I don't want to be boring!

I have finally made some progress with Katharine Graham, after taking several days off to dabble in a little fiction. It read a couple of great books by two of my favorite fantasy writers, loved both of them, but damn, I felt like I was cheating on old Kate.

The problem with non-fiction that I seem to be having so far, is that there's no plot, and the main character is probably lying to me most of the time. I'm aggravated with her for being such a wuss with her husband, for whining about how hard it was to run a home and take care of her children, with the help of a baby nurse, a maid/cook, and a laundress. A NURSE, A MAID/COOK, AND A DAMN LAUNDRESS. Apparently the baby nurse's two half days off were difficult for Kate.

You know why this is bugging me so much? Because I am a middle class woman, from a middle class family, and I had a middle class upbringing, and listening to the rich and privileged say how haaaaard it is to manage things like cooking, laundry, and child raising just gets on my freaking nerves. I actually do think there probably is a steep learning curve on raising children well, but it seems that most people get on with it just fine, or at least they learn on the job and come out of it okay. The cooking and cleaning? Come on, I learned how to clean a house, wash, iron and fold clothes before I was 12 years old. It's not hard. Tedious, I grant you, but anyone who can stand upright and read can learn how to cook and clean. I know that having a life of the mind is important, and in the crowds that the Meyers and the Grahams ran in, ideas, politics, arts, and "big questions" were important, but is it impossible to be a capable adult while living a life of the mind?

Later I want to post about Downton Abbey, but didn't have time today. I'm also feeling like nothing I write about the gang at Downton Abbey will ever, EVER be as awesome as the Catherine Cookson Experience,  which you must check out if you have ever enjoyed one of Ms. Cookson's books or BBC adaptations.

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