05 January, 2011

The Mid-Appalachian Quilters Symposium (MAQ) just posted their list of teachers on the website. They are being sort of coy, since they listed the teachers, but not the classes. THAT list doesn't come out until March, and then they aren't opening registration until April.

This is quite a difference from past years when they posted the list of classes sometime in February and you could sign up immediately. Based on some gossip I heard at the event last year this may be in response to complaints they had last year from troglodytes Luddites who wanted to do mail-in registration rather than online registration. Come on now ladies (although there has been one guy at MAQ the past two years, it's overwhelmingly women)! Welcome to the Century of the Fruitbat and get online.

Anyway, I'm trying to read all the biographies and see if any of the teachers stand out for me. I know four or five of them already by reputation, and I know three of them in real life. Choosing a quilting class just by the teacher isn't really my style, although I know some people follow teachers from place to place, taking all the classes they offer.

Someone sent in a postcard to PostSecret with a picture of the secret Mormon underwear. It's caused quite a kerfuffle, with some Mormons saying it's a shame that their sacred bloomers are being disrespected. But as other Mormons pointed out, when you can find the same picture on any web browser, those bloomers may be sacred but they aren't so secret. It took me right back to the time I first read somewhere that Mormons wore undergarments of a special specialness, I was both intrigued and puzzled. If they were so sacred, did the faithful wear them in the bath? Did they...you know...DO IT while wearing their Holy Underoos? Anyway, now that I've seen the Sacred Panties, I am disappointed. They are just kinda goofy looking. This kind of silliness is what makes me think organized religion is probably just a bad idea.

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