29 January, 2011

This is so Baltimore

Today I saw something in the library parking lot that made me smile, a long car magnet advertising a bail bondsman. It was huge, taking up much of the side of a long sedan. The name of the company is JESUS CHRIST BAIL BONDS.

There are so many ways one could take that. It could be a faith statement, "Jesus is MY bail bondsman!" It could be a statement of frustration, "Jesus Christ, caught again, guess I'll need to get bonded out." It could be that the owner is a believer who likes to have his Lord and Savior's name right out there front and center. On the other side of the car was a smaller advertisement with two sharply dressed black men smiling proudly into the camera, happy to be bail bondsmen for those who find themselves on the wrong side of the law. They looked like the kind of fellows who would believe you were innocent until proved guilty, while getting their fee up front.

As I headed into the library I got the giggles. If I should ever need to bail someone out, I know who I'm going to call. Jesus Christ Bail Bonds has my back!

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