17 September, 2013

The Princess and the Cold, Shivery Day

This picture was actually taken last winter right after Princess Punkin had her disastrous December haircut.
I posted it today though, because she still has a short (short!) summer haircut, and the weather has gotten cooler, and she has started shivering at night. So we tuck her under the covers, and swaddle her with blankets or towels, and fuss over her until she stops shivering.
It's probably time to get down in the basement and hunt up that nerdtastic green sweater.
You know that story of the Princess and the Pea? Punkin would definitely toss and turn all night in misery because of that pea. And Thomas and I would remove eleventy mattresses, searching for whatever was keeping our tiny fairy-like sweet little Punkin from resting comfortably, until she approved of the sleeping arrangements.
Doesn't she remind you of Snoopy, hunched over on his dog-house like a vulture?


  1. She looks a little like Ginger there.

  2. She does a little! She was asleep on the bed beside me much of the evening, but now she wants to go outside and bark at nature. This dog has ways of making her wants known.