16 September, 2013

Not all guests stink after three days!

It has been so great having my cousin here the last nine days. It took some of the pressure off Thomas, so he didn't have to do all the heavy-duty care of making sure I am fed, watered, and entertained. Matt and I can just sit around and entertain each other with silly stories and talking about family things and adventures we had together as kids.

Matt introduced me to the comedy stylings of Tyler Perry as Madea, and we giggled our way through a couple of the Madea movies.

We went to the bookstore and library, and a couple of movies. When I was tired out (and these days it doesn't take much to make me tired) we sat on the patio, took naps, and talked our heads off.

I think cousins are just about the best relatives! Brothers and sisters are good, but in my experience, there is often a lot of baggage left over from childhood. Matt is like a brother sans drama of having the same parents!

The only thing bad about his visit is that I wish he could have stayed longer.


  1. He is a lot of fun! Thanks for including me in your outings.

  2. You are very welcome. It was great having him here. Thomas is fed up to here with me and my "invalid-ity" so Matt and I just had a good old time together. Having a cousin who is just as silly as I am and laughs at my jokes is a real gift.