09 September, 2013

Monday Monday Monday

Saw the movie, Lee Daniel's The Butler today with Matt and Toni. Enjoyed it a lot. It used the story of a man in service at the White House to tell the story of the Civil Rights struggle.  Impressive cast.

We also had lunch after the movie. Then Matt and I came back here to sit in the backyard, philosophizing over a couple of beers, and then napping. We had dinner and are now puttering. I have put the finishing touches on the short presentation I am giving tomorrow at BHQG (quilt guild) meeting. It is about The Internet for Quilters.

I am maybe a little nervous, it always feels scary to get up there in front of people and hope they get your jokes and enjoy what you have to say. But I am sure it will be fine.

Yesterday Thomas and Matt and I went to Jim and Andy's for a movie and dinner. Have you ever seen Horrible Bosses? It's a black comedy, and so funny. Also filthy, but yes, hilarious.

Matt has been sharing some of his favorite videos from the youtube with me. I now know about GloZell and other funny youtube stars. I enjoyed this woman named krissychula:

Dear Miley indeed.

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  1. Happy to report that the talk went fine. Kept it to under 20 minutes, people got my jokes, and several people asked me to send them the list of websites I recommended.
    Putting this one in the win column.