30 September, 2013

Oh chocolate cake, how do I love thee?

Last week was the final week of my post-surgery time off. It was a good week.

My friend Toni baked me this cake, and we sat in her back yard on a beautiful day, chatting and being lazy. First we went out and had Chinese food for lunch.

The icing had sprinkles on it and was very fahn-cy. I brought some cake home and had to got to share it with Thomas. My selfish inner self might have been screaming, "MY CAKE dammit. Get ya own dam' cake," but I told selfish me to shut up and very generously offered him a piece. And wouldn't you know, he TOOK IT. Hmf.

I got to meet Rain, Toni's new dog, who is elderly and frail. She is very gentle, but when a stranger dog came for a visit, she gave him the business. She stood somewhat far away and barked at him. Much like a tottery 99 year old lady might not be able to chase the kids on her grass, but could still shake her cane and scream, "Get off my lawn you dam' kids!"

Friday I went to see the surgeon about my foot. He said, "take up thy bed and walk," or something like that. He actually said go home, wear your air cast for three more weeks, and don't do anything crazy. And put cocoa butter/vitamin e on your foot twice a day.

In my mind, I was just going to roll into the office on my rollie, and walk out on my own two feet. What really happened was that I tried very hard to take a step, and the pain was immense. Very large, very hurty pain. So I rolled out. Thomas took me to lunch, and I found that with the aid of my crutches, I could walk. Slowly and with some pain, but I could do it. So Friday afternoon I watched  the rolllie ride off into the sunset and I've (slowly and with some pain) gotten around on my two feet ever since. Yay.

Today I went back to work. It was okay. Our customer (I am sort of the customer liaison) was thrilled to have me back. Apparently she spent much of my time off asking when I was getting back. My boss said, "Boy we are glad you are back, (our customer) really missed you!" Which was nice...I think. Not that HE missed me so much, but someone else did. I'll take what I can get.

My friend George brought me a pumpkin on Saturday. I will post a picture of it later. I bought two more and they are currently making the front steps of the house look orange and harvesty. I may even cut a face in one of them. My real plan for them is to cut them up, steam them, and add them to the dog's food. Pumpkin is very good for dogs, it's fiberlicious. Do you think that feeding pumpkin to Punkin is morally wrong?

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