07 October, 2013

The penguins are what?

I read a book for Banned Books Week. It was the shortest book I've ever read in celebration of it: And Tango Makes Three. It was a very sweet story about two male chinstrap penguins who build a nest together and when given an egg, hatch it. I find it hard to see what the problem is.

If you really want to worry about homosexuality in the animal kingdom check out what giraffes are up to. Clue: male giraffes get it on with each other on a regular basis. Or sheep! About 10% of male domestic sheep will not mate with females, only with other males. Bonobo apes are considered a fully bisexual species

I have been checking out lots of books lately and they fall into two groups: good, challenging novels and complete and utter trash (especially bad mysteries and Regency romances). I have been reading two works of no redeeming social value for each good book.

Maybe it's because I'm now back on my feet and back to work and I'm tired and hurting. My foot and ankle hurt a lot as the muscles are forced back into action. I was on crutches last week, just to get me over the first, worst pain. Now the pain is steady, but bearable, and improving.

This past weekend Thomas and I went to the Humane Society's DogFest for an hour. That was all the walking/standing I could do, but it was so nice to be there. We took Sparky, who enjoyed it a lot. Not a bit of aggression or trouble from him. He sniffed, and wiggled, and peed on lots of things, but was happy to be there.

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