25 October, 2013

Cropped hair and caterpillars

The past month I have been a shaggy mess in the hair department. I missed my last scheduled haircut back when I was laid up after surgery. When I called, my hairdresser couldn't see me for two weeks. By the time I got there yesterday things were dire.

Remember Cousin It? It felt a lot like that.

Here is me after:

Taking a self portrait is harder than it looks.

I feel SO MUCH BETTER. A haircut is better than therapy, and you don't have to talk about your miserable childhood.

Here is a picture I took in my gardens about a month ago. It is a Parsley Worm, aka the caterpillar form of the black swallowtail butterfly. It is beautiful even in caterpillar form:

They lie along the stems of parsley and similar plants. This one and many of his brethren were all over my fennel, munching away.

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