09 October, 2013

I got your LED light right here

Last night Cheryl Sleboda lectured at my guild. Her talk on eTextiles was fascinating. I had no idea so much was going on out there in fashion and costuming that used electronics in clothes. Rihanna, Katy Perry, and the Black Eyed Peas all wear eTextiles and there were pictures of wedding dresses that light up! The quilts Cheryl showed were fun. I had seen many of them on her blog, muppin.com , but in the flesh (well, in the fabric) they were even more interesting and playful.

Tonight she taught a group of us how to add LED lights to a quilt. Something that had always seemed scary was broken down into a few easy steps, and 10 of us lit up an Artist Trading Card sized quilt. Mine is the single on the bottom with the three little flowers. I think Amy Selmanoff's dragonfly might be my favorite from the whole class but Alice Magorian's lighthouse is a close second. So close it might be a tie.

If you belong to a quilt guild, get them to have Cheryl lecture and teach. Everyone will love it!

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