21 October, 2013

The Emperor has no clothes, but he feels better

Thursday I went back and got Nero and took him to the kennel where he will live until we find him a new home (or a foster home). He looks better and I think he feels better too. Sadly, I did not remember to take my camera, so no pictures.

He had two teeth removed, and the ones he has left are no longer caked in tartar. His nails are short and his ears have been flushed and medicated and those growths are gone from his face. He's still very doddery and  I think he is partially blind/deaf. He reminds me of Marley, our permanent foster dog who was the Oldest Dog in the World.

I have a soft spot for these old, needy dogs. There was a point where we had only older dogs with issues, and I love helping the oldsters. But I think that Thomas would put my things out in the yard if I came home with an elderly, somewhat feeble dog and said, "Surprise! Meet your new furry family member!"

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