03 September, 2013

Random Tuesday

Toni and I went to the movies last Thursday. We saw City of Bones. It was very....extra....meh. The lead actors were all attractive in a fresh-faced, just-out-of-the-box-and-never-used fashion. But the dialogue was bad. Cringingly bad. Embarrassingly bad. So bad that there were large parts of the movie where there was no dialogue, just scenes where the camera slid over the faces of the lovely youths as if to say, "Hello viewer, aren't they all so pretty?"

And there were plot holes you could drive a truck through, and places where you could see what was coming five miles away.  For instance, there is a betrayal (isn't there always?) and you can see that coming practically from the first moment you meet the betrayer. And someone's mother calls her and says, "Don't come home, danger, monsters, go ask so and so for help." So what does the Too Stupid To Live character do? She goes HOME of course! To meet the monsters! TSTL!

Toni assures me me the books are very readable, so I've put in a request for them. But so has everybody else in Baltimore, so I'm waiting patiently. I actually got book four right away, but can't see diving into the series 2/3 of the way in.

Tonight I am going out to quilting Board meeting. Thomas has to take me as I could not scare up a ride. We are combining the trip with a visit to Five Guys, so it will be like a mini-date.

The other day at the doctor I got my first peek at my sutures. My right foot, it is totally Bride of Frankenstein! The bottom anyway. The next time it is unwrapped I will post pictures!

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