30 August, 2013

A moment of brilliant clumsiness

This afternoon I was in the bathroom, and as I was finishing up in there, I slipped off my rolly cart and crashed to the floor.

I hit my bandaged foot hard on the floor, smashing hard on my big toe and the second toe (the toe that needed the surgery). It was excruciating. As I fell, my right knee scraped over the rear wheel of the rolly and the brake left a 6 or 8 inch scrape along the curve of the joint. About three inches of that was deep enough to really dig in and leave a bleeding gouge.

The physical pain was bad, but even worse was my stomach-clenching panic that I had undone the stitching on the tendon.

I called the doctor. He can't see me, but tomorrow (Saturday) one of his colleagues will. I am currently doped up the the gills. I've had my foot elevated all afternoon/evening, have been icing like a maniac, and hoping like crazy that no damage was done to the surgery site.


  1. That awful moment as you're falling and you just can't stop yourself. And of course, then it hurts and that's even worse. Chances are it's fine.

  2. The doc said the stitches were fine. I am going back on Friday to see my regular doctor.

    I fall quite a bit, and it's always awful.