04 August, 2013


Back in the days when we all went to Wilson United Methodist Church, we had a weekly dinner together on Wednesday night. Whoever hosted provided a main dish and drinks and everyone else brought side dishes or dessert. (It's part of our Methodist heritage. Methodists worship God with song, prayer, and potluck suppers, we totally think the Last Supper was probably devilled eggs, casseroles, and jello-salads.)

One day a new girl started coming to church and to our Wednesday nights. After a short while she became one of my dearest friends. Her name is Katy. She's an artist and a poet and is super well-organized, which I totally admire.

After she finished grad school she moved to North Carolina. When I was engaged to Thomas, she started brushing up on her German so she could help me with Thomas' German-only family members. Her tutor was Peter, a German pastor studying in Chapel Hill. She and Peter got married about 7 weeks after Thomas and I. They moved to Deutschland shortly after their wedding. For 7 years they were there and we were here, although we saw each other every time I visited Germany to see Thomas' family.

They've now been living just up the road, in Gettysburg, for years now, and I'm so glad to have her on THIS side of the Atlantic. It's close enough that we can celebrate birthdays and special times together and have regular dinners together.

Here is a picture of us at Jim and Andy's wedding, celebrating!

Zwei Frauen!

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