06 August, 2013

Snippet - Her Last Breath

I just read a great book. It was called Her Last Breath. It's a police procedural, sort of. It's set in rural Ohio, in Amish country. The detective is Kate Burkhalter, and she grew up Amish, but left the church sometime in her teenage years.

I enjoyed the book a lot, but as I worked my way through the book it became obvious that there were several books that had come before. I've requested the first FOUR books from the library so I can get caught up on whatever it was that happened before to Kate.

I am not terribly romantic about the Amish. A lot of them are in the puppy milling business, and I hate that. I also think that in their decision to keep themselves so separate from us Englisch that they have created a lot of health problems in their communities. I'm also not sure, based on a lot you hear about the community in general, that they are any better Christians than the rest of us.

But they are interesting, and this book is too!

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