05 September, 2013


Yesterday and today I've been at home all day with my foot up. I see the doctor tomorrow and am hoping to present a foot free from swelling and looking good. Jim did come over yesterday and bring me lunch. It was great to see him and get some news from the outside world. We started talking about our next baking extravaganza (our personal holy baking holiday - Halloween!) and what we should do.

Since seeing the doctor last Saturday my foot and leg have been so uncomfortable. They wrapped it fairly tight and all the way up to the knee. It's hot, itchy, and for some reason my big toe feels like someone is pressing down on the nail. Not painful exactly, but annoying. Also, my stitches feel itchy sometimes. It's been three weeks since the surgery and I am just OVER all this.

If you read any young adult novels, I can recommend Sisters Red and Sweetly by Jackson Pearce. They are reboots of old fairy tales.

Whenever Thomas gets home today he's taking me to the library. It's ridiculous how excited I am about this outing.


  1. Funny how losing something (like driving) turns simple things into huge adventures. If only there was a way to hold onto that gratitude without having to permanently give up driving...

  2. So true. As we came home yesterday after the library/trip to Noodles, I commented to Thomas that I did not have it in my to be an agoraphobic. After two or three days at home, I am ready to chew through the door to get out of the house!