01 January, 2013

Easing into 2013

Thomas and I got up early this a.m., happily sans headaches or upset tums, since we didn't exactly party hard last night. We did get together with friends for an enjoyable evening with some good food. We were home in bed when the New Year was ushered in with fireworks. That would be LOCAL fireworks...as in our neighbors going out and creating the sounds of a small war. Lucky for them they didn't wake Ginger up and cause her to have a canine hissy fit. But really, the booms, crashes, and explosions went on for about 30 minutes. It seems like overkill to me, what happened to drunkenly singing Auld Lang Syne and kissing your loved ones and then staggering off to bed to prepare for your New Year's Day hangover?

I was sober as a judge last night because I was the designated driver. It has the benefit of no headache this morning, so Yay me! We got the dogs walked early and have spent the rest of the day puttering around, taking naps, reading books, playing online Scrabble, and now are getting ready to go out to dinner with Katy and Peter, our friends from Gettysburg. I love this kind of day.

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