15 January, 2013

In which our heroine skips to the end

That's the back of Ginger's head, and the dog in the distance (next to Thomas, reading as if a large black dog is not looming over him) is Samantha's dog, Bear. This picture was taken last February in a little house on a hill in Virginia, where three humans and three dogs had a nice rest.

It's been a long, sad week. It has had its lighter moments, but I've spent a lot of it just wanting to curl up in a cave and sleep until winter is over. I'm watching youtube videos about gardening and planting and reading garden blogs. It's a cold and rainy night in Baltimore, and I have the winter blues, but angrier. The winter Mean Reds maybe?

I checked out a handful of books at the library, read two of them, and then fell apart on the next two. I got in, decided I wanted to know whodunnit without having to do the actual work of reading. So I did something that snotty 16 year old Amanda would have disapproved of thoroughly. Well stuff it, sixteen year old me, I turned to the last three chapters, found out who did it and have moved on, satisfied with my bad behavior. I am not counting those as "read," since I didn't actually, you know, FINISH the book.

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  1. You do what suits you, Miss Amanda. Some books are not worth reading every page. And we did have a lovely weekend...