27 January, 2013


This is Marty.

Photo: Marty is safe and sound and being an amazingly good pup! Thanks for saving him Jen and CSAC!
Marty - the day after his left rear leg was amputated.

 I cannot tell you why Marty was hurt, or how, but he came into a Philadelphia area shelter with a leg that was in a bad way. In cases like this, often the shelter chooses to humanely euthanize the dog. This time, someone from the Cocker Spaniel Adoption Center was there, and said, "If you can remove the leg and save his life, we will help him find a home and we'll pay for his care. The only thing that Marty has in common with a Cocker Spaniel is being a dog, but that didn't matter. What did matter is that he needed help. Other than the leg, he was in okay shape.

One of the vet techs at the shelter took him home the day after surgery. She was able to bring him back and forth with her to the shelter so the vet could continue to check on the surgery site.

Thomas and I were going to foster him for a week while they looked for a more permanent foster or an adopter. The vet tech decided to keep him for now, because he has an infection. Please think some good thoughts for Marty!


  1. All good thoughts coming Marty's way. My dad had a three legged cat when he was a child and he was called Hop-a-long Cassidy (after the cowboy). He says the cat never even noticed...

  2. If anyone knows a person who might foster this dog, send them to me. He needs a foster. I cannot take him right now since I am about to leave town.

    A kennel is not a place for a recent amputee.