22 January, 2013

Hiding in a hiding place where no one ever goes...

I just read a book by Elizabeth George, called The Edge of Nowhere. Very enjoyable, and quite different from her bestselling series about English crime, featuring Inspector Lynley and Barbara Havers.

This book, the first of a quartet, is about a young girl who has inherited a gift (of sorts) from her grandmother. She can hear the "whispers" of people's thoughts. When her mother's latest husbands thoughts reveal he has murdered someone, she and her mother go on the run. Fourteen year old "Becca" goes to ground on remote Whidbey Island, and when she loses touch with her mother, she has to figure out how to care for herself.

Becca explores her talent, tries to figure out who she can trust, and how to stay under the police's radar when a local boy falls of a cliff under somewhat mysterious circumstances. Whidbey Island is a small community where strangers stand out, and everyone has their secrets.

I've been thinking about the book ever since I finished it. To me that is the sign of a good story. Now I have another three books to look forward to.

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