22 September, 2011

Short sentence. Long explanation.

We* cruised^ to Bermuda for my birthday#.

*We included:
My father, who planted the seed that became me, and then when I hatched and was old enough, taught me how to ride a bike, tie my shoes, serve a volleyball, do long division, and finally, to check the oil in my car and change a flat tire. All very useful things for which I am thankful
My mother, who hatched me, and thus is the human being on this planet who has known me my whole life. Shares my slightly off-kilter sense of humor, thinks I'm hilarious, is always on my side, and is the best mom I can imagine.
Thomas, who came along when I was no longer a spring chicken, but more of a slightly cranky fryer. In some ways is my opposite. He's practical to my whimsical, even-tempered to my crazy-ass dramatic, and a rock of stability when I'm running around screaming the sky is falling, the sky is falling.
Paul and Rose, the Teutonic duo who spawned and raised Thomas.

^ And by "cruised" I don't mean we headed down to Patterson Park to hire some negotiable affection. I mean the kind of cruising that involves a very large boat, many alcoholic beverages, and a stateroom the size of my hall closet.

# My birthday just happened to be while we were on the cruise. So was Rose's. And the cruise would have happened without the birthdays, so it's not like my birthday caused the cruise. I don't want to sound all self-aggrandizing and shit.

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