15 September, 2011

How am I like France?

Firstly, not ONE of my hundreds dozens  blog fans thought that Paula Deene greyhound was worthy of a comment? What the heck is wrong with you people, that thing made me laugh out loud! Notice that I typed out the words "laugh out loud" and did not say "lol," because it makes me crazy, for some reason. If, God help you, you type ROTFLOL, you sure as shit better be rolling around on the filthy floor, laughing like a loon. And also, my time is not so valuable that I can't take the couple of seconds it takes me to type "laugh out loud," and I'm a kickass typist.

Woo doggy, I've been all over the place this week. Paul and Rose got here Tuesday and my mood  is everywhere. I am the crazy, basically. One moment I am dealing with it SO WELL and other moments I am looking up bus schedules so that I can run away from the house that is no longer my own.

Tuesday night I went to quilt guild and we had a speaker - Susan Cleveland. It was a good talk, her work was beautiful, and she made me laugh (out loud). She had a unique laugh, sort of hahahaha...snort and she told some funny stories. I did have to leave before show and tell because the talk went long and I had not slept more than 4 hours for any of the previous nights (see Moods, All Over Place and Insomnia, Anxiety Induced) and was heading for a psychotic break. So I got home and walked the dogs and when I got home I felt like France, because the Germans had invaded.

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