09 September, 2011

The end of communication as we know it

T and I went to Outback Steakhouse tonight for dinner because that's what I felt like eating. I like the way they do their broccoli.

We sat at the bar, drinking some refreshing beverages, while waiting for our table. Two young women were sitting near us. They sat side by side at the bar, eating and drinking. Each one had her personal communication device out and was reading and texting. Occasionally they laughed and showed each other things on their screens. They made no eye contact and talked only a little to each other. Mostly they plowed through salads and steaks, while enjoying whatever was happening on those tiny little screens.

They were probably having a good old time, but it made me sad. I love going out with my friends for evenings of dinner and conversation. We talk about everything in the world, and yes, occasionally someone hauls out a blackberry or phone to look something up on google, just to prove some point. But the point of the evening is not seeing what the web can do to entertain us, it's entertaining ourselves.

We really are going to wind up like those folks in Wall-E.

Hanging out with friends

"I didn't know we had a swimming pool!"

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