26 September, 2011

Monday Monday

Tomorrow Thomas and Paul are going to start painting the basement. So exciting! They are out right now purchasing their supplies.

We had a most interesting dinner tonight: bagels, sliced thin, soaked in egg/milk/sugar/cinnamon, and fried. Our bagel French toast was served with wine soup. No kidding, it was wine and sugar/cinnamon, warmed on the stove. I have no idea where the idea for this came from, but it was very tasty. Unexpected, but tasty.

I have to trim down the last twenty 6 inch squares for my MAQ quilt, and I can start sewing these suckers together. The colors are very bright and varied, and I am leaning towards adding black sashing between the blocks to calm things down and pull them together. It will also make the quilt larger. I like all the brights and the batiks, but don't want a quilt that is the fabric equivalent of a punch in the eye.

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