21 August, 2011

Summer Sunday

Yesterday we had a nice grilled meal with Mom and Dad, followed up by a quiet evening puttering around. Today we went to church and had lunch after with our friends.

I asked Mom if she'd help me de-clutter around the house a little. So this afternoon we went through my dresser drawers, matching socks, throwing away things that were stained or torn, and repairing a pair of pants that needed a zipper fix.

Then we attacked the very difficult Great Room and I went through my desk, filing, throwing away, and organizing. Then we sorted out yards and yards of fabric. I made three stacks: keep, sell/donate, and throw away. Sell/donate and throw away were MUCH larger than keep. I feel virtuously light! Thomas also took a bunch of books to Ukazoo for me, and returned with $4.00. The money doesn't matter, but getting rid of the books was wonderful.

Mom asked (perceptively) if I was so anxious to get rid of things because I was anxious about the upcoming four week visit of my in-laws. I am sure that it has something to do with it.

If you've been here, you know what the house is like...a bit cluttered, a bit fuzzy, a bit down at the heels. Let's face it, I have three dogs and my house is a bit smudgy with nose marks at the level of a Cocker Spaniel. Most of the time I love our little house, except when the Uber-Hausfrau comes to visit. Then it looks shabby, dirty, and sad. Why? Why do I let her opinion matter to me so much. And frankly, it's not even her opinion, it's what I imagine her opinion is going to be. I am messed up!


  1. I love a good clear out! There is nothing like it to lull me into the false sense that my life is in order and ultimately in my control. Truth of the matter: Dog hair tumbleweeds can not be controlled. No matter how much we clean, they will wait for the in-laws to show up and then parade through the living room and rest in all the corners and under dining room furniture.
    By the way, you arae not messed up. We all want our houses to look their best for the in-laws. I think it has taken the place of a dowery: $50, one bag each-sugar and coffee, three quilts, and a laying hen.

  2. From one dog lover to another, I've forwarded the link to Christina's latest blog.